Shows for historical pageants and traditional celebrations

Create a new realationship between time and space and get to know a new reality made of imaginary worlds where men can fly, turn into magical creatures and cast spells. A different plot is told from the beginning to the end of every show and each chapter of it consists in extremely difficult and artistically complex performances (dance, acrobatics and fire-games)

Witch hunters

7 performers, 40 minutes

The forces of evil try to conquer a little blessed village but the bravest ones will try their best to protect it from demons and witches. A hard trial: a difficult exorcism.

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The sorcerer’s apprentice

8 performers, 50 minutes, with aerial equipment

A clumsy sorcerer’s apprentice has to face the power and the mistery of the 4 elements: water, fire, air and dirt. Will he be able to deal with phenomenal spells and magic?

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The 7 deadly sins

10 performers, 60 minutes, with aerial equipment

A travel of the soul to look for love through the darkness of eternal danmation. A young man will have to face his fears and weaknesses to reach the purification from his sins

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