About us

Escape from reality, live a dream with Kroonos, time travellers. Ladies, knights, imaginary creatures and jesters will lead you into a magical, amazing world. Dancers, duellists, acrobats and fire-eaters perform in multifaceted shows, each with its medieval fantasy atmosphere and its unique story full of emotions. Shows can be modified and made suitable for every event: historical pageants, traditional celebrations, theatrical representations, weddings and entertaiment for clubs. Characters have got beautiful costumes and detailed make-ups and they can play many fascinating roles.

Our history

The Kroonos company was constituted in Perugia in 2014. Now it is composed by more then 15 artists performing 4 different shows. Each of them is a unique masterpiece able to involve the audience with great energy in an amazing and fascinating experience. Kroonos’ stories take place in a medieval fantasy world where a new relationship between time and space is created, a reality where men can fly, turn into magical creatures and cast spells.


The Kroonos team has got its own warehouse with all the necessary to realize the shows: juggling, fire-games and led equipment, unique props and a certificated aerial equipment that is possible to rent; our dressmakers create original costumes and accessories for each character. The choice of cloth and the realisation of costumes is very important to characterize each artist and highlight his/her abilities. We have also a professional team in charge of the look of characters (MUA and FX). Historical costumes are enriched with fantasy details, that together with awesome make-ups make the characters unique and bizarre and contribute to lead the audience into the magical atmosphere of the Kroonos' world.

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